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Tips For Fixing Cracked Bathroom Tiles

Tiles have all the qualities needed of making a good floor; they are impermeable and hard and add to the aesthetic properties of a house. But even so, they can crack and eventually break if they are subjected to plenty of stress and abuse. And the damage can occur in any area of the house, even in places where foot traffic is low such as the bathroom. If you have a damaged tile in your bathroom, it is not a must that you replace it since you can take care of the damage with simple products like paint and 2-part marine epoxy.

Fixing Major Damages

If the cracks have expanded to a point that the tiles appear chipped or broken, you need a 2-part marine epoxy for patching the cracks. Start by cleaning the crack using a stifle brush or by blowing air into the crack. This removes any dirt or debris that may become permanently trapped under epoxy.

Then using a brush, apply some oil-based primer sealer on the cracked or chipped area. Purpose of the primer is to help the paint that you are going to apply adhere to the tile. Do not apply the primer on the glazed surface of the tile that is adjacent to the damaged area. Also take care not to use too much primer on the damaged area to a point that a pool of paint will be created in the chipped or cracked area.  Give the primer two hours to dry before you apply a coat of high gloss finish paint on the damaged area. Apply a coat of the finish paint the same way you applied primer; none of the paint should touch the glazed surface and do not create a pool of paint in the damaged area. For a good job, use a paint that matches the color of your tiles. Also remember to give the paint 24 hours to dry.

Finally, it is time to apply the epoxy, but not before you prepare it first. Squeeze out the same amounts of each part of the 2-part marine epoxy onto a cardboard. Mix the epoxy nicely and use a toothpick to apply it on the damaged area of the tile. Using the toothpick, apply the epoxy one dab at a time until it gets to the same level as the tile. Then give it one hour to dry and set.  If you do not have the necessary products (oil-based primer, the paint and the required epoxy) for repair at home, you can buy them from your local paint store.

Fixing Minor Damages

If you are dealing with a minor damage like a hairline fracture, you can simply take care of the problem by applying paint over the crack. Even though the paint doesn't repair the cracks, it makes it impossible for someone to see the crack.

Using a cotton swab, paint the crack and give it some few minutes to dry. Finish the job off by wiping away excess paint with a damp cloth. 

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