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Ways Your Wooden Export Pallets Can Decrease Your Freight Costs

You may think that merely because you have a great product line, it will mean high profits for your business. However, if you are shipping these products, your freight costs can considerably cut into your bottom line. From kinks in your supply chain to poorly executed shipping that leads to damaged goods, it can be extremely challenging to break even. So, does this mean you should only supply your products locally? The answer is no. Instead, you may want to pay particular attention to the materials you select for your export pallets. Below is a list of ways that wooden export pallets can decrease your freight costs and subsequently increase your bottom line.  

Wooden pallets are affordably priced

One of the first rules of running a successful business is keeping your operating costs low. Wooden pallets are one of the more economically priced options, which translates into simplified costing for your business. By purchasing wooden pallets, you get to save money that could be injected into the production of your products. Furthermore, the recyclability of timber pallets coupled with how easy they are to repair, you stand to make considerable savings in the long term when it comes to purchasing new pallets for your shipping needs.

Wooden pallets boost the efficiency of your supply chain

Once you have your products packaged, you then have to consider how efficient the process is of getting them from your premises to the consumer. This supply chain process entails transfer from the manufacturing plant, transfer to the warehouse, transportation to the freight company and final shipment to the desired destination. If you are utilising bulky packaging, it quickly affects your supply chain as it becomes difficult to handle the pallets.

Difficulty in handling not only slows down the process but also poses a high threat of damage to your products. Wooden pallets are one of the lightweight materials that you can employ for your packaging needs. Subsequently, they are much easier to be handled, and this boosts the efficiency of the entire supply chain.

Wooden pallets offer versatile customisation

Another benefit that wooden applets offer to both your business and your freight charges is the easy customisation for your product line. If you have goods in various shapes and sizes, you need to find pallet packaging that will accommodate their specifications. Firstly, the pallets can be structured to safely package individual products while still allowing for visibility when being inspected for shipping. Secondly, the stackable nature of the pallets makes it easy to store when in transit, which means your goods will not take up too much space when being shipped.

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