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Essential Factors to Consider Before Undertaking a Water Tank Installation

Installing a water tank on a farm or household is of great benefit because not only does it provide an adequate water storage solution, but also a reliable water source. Water tanks come in a range of materials, sizes and shapes depending on a homeowner's preference. Before beginning a water tank installation project, there are a few factors that a homeowner should consider.



The first factor to consider in a water tank installation project is the size of the tank. The size of the tank depends on the amount of water required by the household. Additionally, the regularity of water supply also influences the size of the tank. For instance, if the area experiences water rations, a large tank should get installed to provide a water supply for an extended period of time.

The positioning of the tank

 A designated area for where the tank will get installed should be prepared before the water tank installation commences. Most people prefer to install the tank on an elevated area, such as on the roof of the house or a raised stand to use gravitational flow as opposed to having to pump the water into the house. The water tank should get placed in an area that is near the house so that it is easily accessible when turning on the supply valve as well as during maintenance.

Type of tank 

Different materials, ranging from concrete to polythene, get used in making water tanks. The material the water tank is made of influences the durability of the tank as well as the suitability of the water for consumption. Poly tanks have a reputable strength, and they are also easy to transport and maintain. Additionally, they are conducive for the storage of drinking water. Cement water tanks are usually installed below ground, and they are reputed for preventing the growth of algae as well as keeping the water fresh.

The cost of installation 

A homeowner should be prepared to cough up some extra dollars to get an efficient water tank installation, It is advisable to contact a good plumbing contractor to provide the installation service as well as advice on how and where to install the tank. After the water tank installation, there is some plumbing worked required to connect the main water supply to the tank and the tank to the house's main water pipe. Additionally, the tank may need a water pump, and the plumber will also include this service if necessary.

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