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Benefits Of Using Corrugated Steel Piping For Your Civil Drainage Applications

Corrugated steel pipes (CSPs) have many applications in the civil and industrial sectors. One of the more common ones is drainage where the pipes are used as a culvert, bridge drainage, storm water drainage, dam drainage, etc. Of course, corrugated steel pipes are not the only viable option when it comes to these applications. However, there are a number of factors that make them quite the favourite in the industry. Read on to see what they are.

High structural strength

Despite not being bulky, corrugated metal pipes offer great structural integrity; an important requirement in such drainage applications. There are several factors responsible for this. One is the steel material. The other is their round shape that allows high compaction. And the third is the corrugation which further amplifies the first two factors. As such, CSPs can easily be used even in large scope projects with little risk.

Easy to fabricate

Being metallic, CSPs are easy to fabricate to fit whatever requirements are needed on a site. For one, they can be cut to any desired length. They can also be welded into different joints such as tees and elbows. CSPs are also available in arch shapes for curved applications. This ease of fabrication and modification makes it possible to customise the CSPs to whatever form or shape needed.

Easy to install

Corrugated steel pipes are easy to install too. For one, they are lighter than alternative concrete blocks so that makes transportation and handling easier. Once on the site, they simply need to be hoisted into place. The area is then backfilled with earth and drainage material before being compacted. No onsite joining, sealing or welding is required.

Cheaper than reinforced concrete

When it comes to costs, corrugates metal pipes are cheaper than concrete drain pipes. Concrete drain pipes are more expensive because they are built using cement and they feature reinforced concrete rebar. Both factors elevate the price range way above what you can get CSPs for. And the cost advantage is not just in the lowered purchase figures, it also spirals to transport, handling, and installation as well.

Great durability

Lastly, you get to enjoy great durability with corrugates steel pipes when used in drainage applications. The pipes are usually insulated against corrosion using galvanization, aluminium type 2 coating or polymer-lamination. While standard galvanization offers a service range of about 25 years, aluminium type 2 coating offers double that and polymer lamination offers almost 100 years of service.

When buying your corrugated steel pipes, there are numerous design options to choose from in order to ensure that you get a custom product. You can specify the length, diameter, thickness, coating and even the corrugation profile that you want. For more information, contact a business such as Corrugated Metal Pipe Manufacturing PTY LTD.

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