Avoiding Common Mistakes With Industrial Equipment

Landscaping Project: Selecting the Ideal Skid Steer Loader

When you are performing a major landscaping project in your small commercial or residential property, you will need to hire heavy equipment. One of the beneficial machines that you should acquire is the skid steer loader. Basically, this is a compact machine that has a rigid frame and strong lift arms that can operate different landscaping tools. The loader is highly manoeuvrable and can handle heavy loads during earthmoving processes. Unfortunately, the process of selecting the equipment can be challenging because there are numerous models and brands in the modern market. Here are some considerations to help you identify the ideal skid steer loader for your landscaping project. 

Weight-Handling Capacity

The skid steer loader is an ideal alternative to the traditional excavator in landscaping projects. It can move in tighter spaces and its lighter body means that it will not cause ground damage. On the other hand, the material-handling capacity can be lower, and this will be a limiting factor for your project. Therefore, you should be keen on the weight rating when choosing the equipment. You should ensure that the loader has good weight-carrying capabilities to handle the work faster. In addition, the loader should have a high dump height if you plan on transferring excavated dirt into a dump truck.


You should inquire about the compatibility of your preferred skid loader with different attachment. The range of landscaping tasks that the equipment can carry will depend on the accessorial tooling. Ideally, a good skid steer loader should work well with graders, mowers and angle brooms. The grader will level and rake the ground for more uniformity. The mower is useful for trimming natural turf in your property and the angle broom can clean the hardscape and eliminate leaves and dirt. If you are planning on performing other specialised tasks, consider requesting for other attachments like augers, trenchers and even grapples.

Types of Tyres

The tyres are important elements in a skid steer loader, so you should consider the aspect when selecting the equipment. The type of tyres will determine the terrain in which the loader can operate efficiently. The three main skid loader tyres in the modern market are air-filled, foam-filled and solid rubber. The air-filled design is the standard type with large treads; it works well on most outdoor spaces. Foam-filled alternatives are not vulnerable to punctures like the former, but they are heavier and more expensive. Solid rubber tyres are lightweight and suited for pavement applications. However, these compromise comfort considerably when the ground is bumpy. 

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Avoiding Common Mistakes With Industrial Equipment

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