Avoiding Common Mistakes With Industrial Equipment

Important Questions to Ask When Considering the Purchase of a Portable Building

A portable building can give you a great space for an office or storage facility on a remote jobsite, or for when you've simply run out of room in your exterior space. They're usually available in sizes that accommodate just one person and his or her desk, or they can be quite large and outfitted with running water, air conditioning, and the like. When you're considering the purchase of a portable building, note a few questions you should consider asking so you know you get the right type and also know what's involved in its purchase.

1. Always ask if they will buy back the building 

It's good to ask if the company will buy back the building, how much you might expect to get from them if they do buy it back, what condition the building would need to be in for a buyback, and so on. If you don't think you'll need your portable building permanently or have never had such a building before, it can be good to ensure you have a means to have it purchased back from you quickly and easily so you aren't trying to find a buyer for it sometime down the road.

2. Ask what clearance the building will need

If you're buying a portable building with any type of plumbing fixtures, air conditioning or heating systems, and the like, these mechanisms may sit outside the building so that you need added clearance for them. Don't assume you can just squeeze the portable building between your office building and an outside garage, as the interior width itself may not tell you the exterior clearance needed for these other accessories and features.

3. Note if they can inspect soft soil, if the building won't be on a concrete slab

If you're putting a portable building on a concrete parking lot or other such slab, you may be able to place it on your property without any prior inspection. However, if you are thinking of putting the building on dirt, you might ask if they will do a prior inspection of the soil. A company can usually check the overall consistency of soil and note if it will be strong enough to support the building, or if you should strengthen it with clay or another substance that can be mixed in with the soil. For much larger buildings, you may have no choice but to put down a concrete slab in order to hold its weight, so always ask about this before you make a purchase.

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Avoiding Common Mistakes With Industrial Equipment

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