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Top 3 Proper Waste Disposal Tips for Educational Institutions

For the past number of years, conservation of the environment has been emphasized all over the world not only through planting of more trees, but also through the incorporation of proper waste disposal methods. As always, this is easier said than done. However, waste management is not as hard as it seems as long as you know how to best handle it. If you own a school, here are some great ways to take care of your students' waste materials and keep the environment clean.

Use Skip Bins

One great benefit of skip bins is their large size, meaning they can accommodate very large volumes of garbage in a day. This in turn makes them pretty convenient for use in populated institutions like your school. You can acquire the appropriate number of bins depending on the size of your population. In case you are just starting out and cannot purchase the bins due to their high cost, you can always hire them. Two is a good number to start with. You can have one bin set aside for organic waste and another for inorganic. Once the bins are full, they are loaded onto special lorries, which you will also have to hire, for transportation.


This waste treatment process is probably the best way to totally dispose of waste, since it involves complete burning of garbage. Incineration is considered to be a WTE (waste to energy) technology. This is a process of producing electrical energy from combustion of waste matter. That means you can use the immense heat emitted from the burning process to boil water that powers steam engines to generate electric power, thus cutting down your school's electricity costs.

There are a few types of incineration methods you can use. For example, you can have a couple of burn barrels where the garbage is burnt, or you can just use burn piles. However, remember to locate your incinerators away from the school compound to avoid accidents and injuries.

Use Recycling Bins

There are many ways to recycle waste matter into raw material, but not all garbage can be recycled. That's why you need recycling bins. These are disposal containers specifically used for collecting recyclables such as plastic, paper, and glass. What you need to do is install one in every class and a couple across hallways. Once done, teach and orient your pupils into proper use of the recycling bins.

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