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Steps to Grouting Your Mosaic Tiles

If you are looking for way to enhance the flair of your bathroom tile design, mosaic tiles are the way to go. After the installation of your mosaic tiles in your bathroom, grouting the entire surface will be the next project in line to ensure that your floor is protected. To achieve the desirable results that you want, here are steps to follow when grouting your bathroom mosaic tiles.

Allow For Drying of the Tile after Installation

While grouting might be your next project after installation of the tiles, this doesn't mean that you should do it immediately after the installation because the adhesive won't have cured enough. Uncured adhesive can ooze through the joints and cause discolouration of your grout. In addition, working with uncured grout can loosen the bond with the tiles because of the movement of the tiles. For this reason, let the tiles sit for about two or three days after installation before you start grouting.

Mix the Grout

To achieve desirable results, proper mixing of the grout is very important. If you want a stronger type of grout, go for sanded rather than un-sanded grout, which is usually used on walls. When mixing grout, be keen on the amount of water used. This is because grout with too little water will dry out quickly and make it very hard to remove. On the other hand, grout with too much water will give you a hard time controlling it along the grout lines. Therefore, don't mix all of your grout at once to prevent it from drying out in the bucket or container. Instead, use small portions of the grout and add water slowly until the mixture is consistent.

Apply Grout Release Coating

After applying your grout, you will have to remove the excess grout and a release coating will make it much easier for you. Therefore, start by cleaning the joint between the tiles to remove dirt and other debris. Using a mop or sponge, apply the coating. Do it carefully to avoid excess coating from oozing between the joints and interfering with your grout.

Lay the Grout

Mosaic tiles have numerous grout lines, which mean you have to pay a little more attention compared to other traditional tiles. For this reason, you need to make sure that the grout is spread evenly across the mosaic tile surface. Use a rubber float to scoop some of the grout and use the edge of the float to spread the grout evenly on your mosaic tiles. When finished, give it about half an hour before wiping down excess grout.

Remove Excess Grout/Grout Film and Clean Up

Use a dampened sponge to wipe off any excess grout or grout film. You can then give your floor a thorough cleaning and remember to avoid bleach or acidic cleaners that may discolour your grout.

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