Avoiding Common Mistakes With Industrial Equipment

Three Winning Qualities in Vacuum Sealers

Among farmers, gardeners, fishermen, bulk shoppers, farmers' market frequenters, and even hunters if you will, one desire runs common in all their households; long term food storage mechanisms. Vacuum sealers are handy tools used to prolong the life of stored food. They work by pulling out all the air in a bag containing food and then sealing it airtight. This lack of air within the bag limits any activity and elements within the food that would otherwise hasten deterioration. Just as the story goes with almost every other piece of technology, different vacuum sealers are constantly rolling out with newer features, alterations, and even styles. If you last bought a vacuum sealer several years ago, you may be totally confused by today's available choice range and spectrum. There are, however, three qualities that you could use to determine the winning vacuum sealer that may not disappoint you sooner than anticipated. 

Sealing styles 

Currently, two sealing processes dominate the vacuum sealer market. There are heat sealers and valve sealers. Valve sealers work by creating a valve at the seal point of the paper. This valve then eliminates air from within the paper, and afterwards no air can be reversed back in. the main concern with valve sealers is the duration you can trust the valve to remain properly functional. With time, these valves can loosen and succumb at various points which become entrances for air again. Valve-based vacuum sealers also don't expel air completely from within the bags. So your food, while indeed deprived of air, may still go bad if the remaining air was just about sufficient for some activity over a long duration. Heat sealers seem to be the best guaranteeing sealers when it comes to air expulsion. Heat sealers expel air completely from within the bag before sealing the entrance by melting the plastic. The seals created can stand the test of time. Refrigerated heat-sealed products have shown to last longer than valve-sealed food.


The motor power of a vacuum sealer can tell you how much air will be sucked out of the bag. With more power comes more suction, and, therefore, less air remains within the bag. When buying vacuum sealers, you should make a point to check out the power ratings indicated. Sometimes, sellers indicate power using inches of mercury (inHg) which is the measurement designated to vacuum strength.


Finally, you may be amazed by how important the pulse action on the sealer is. A manual pulse is the best choice to go by. This way, you can stop the sealer before it squashes and crushes delicate items as it tries to expel all the air from the bag. Automatic pulse mode in some sealers may be too strong and ends up crushing your food every time. 

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Avoiding Common Mistakes With Industrial Equipment

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