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What You Need To Know About Using Vibrators for Your Bulk Material Bin

One of the major applications of the vibrating equipment is the use of vibrators in bulk material bins. Whether it is from your truck trailer, barge, or plant, the vibrators will help unload the bulk materials from your bins, prevent bridging and stuck material in your bins, and control the flow of materials in your bins. Vibrators are a convenient tool for the management of both semi and dry bulk in your bins. For this reason, it is important to understand how these vibrators work so that you know what to look for in a vibrator. Therefore, here are few things you should know about the vibrators.  

Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Vibrator

The mode of vibration is essential in determining the effectiveness of the operation of the vibrators. When choosing a vibrator, it is not preferable to choose one that has a continuous mode of vibration because it may not be as effective as one that produces short bursts of vibration. Ensure that valves or gates of your bins are open to facilitate the process.

Length Required For Mounting the Vibrator

The vibrator is installed on a channel, which is often welded to the side of your bin. This channel provides a line of transmission between your bin and the vibrator. In addition, it strengthens the wall of your bin, enabling it to better withstand the weight of the vibrator. The length of this channel will always vary depending on the vibrator's base dimensions and the size of your bin. Therefore, for suitability and better results, ensure that the length of the channel is approximately less than half that of your bin's sloping part.

Type of Vibrator

The type of vibrator determines the intensity of vibration. Non-impact vibrators, such as rotary electric and air-cushioned vibrators tend to have a lower vibration intensity than their impacting counterparts. For this reason, you are likely to get better results when using impacting vibrators. Alternatively, if you decide to choose a piston vibrator, go for the next size of the non-impacting vibrator to achieve relatively similar results.

The Level of Noise Produced

If you prefer a more peaceful and quieter vibration process, you should be concerned about the type of vibrator you are hiring or using. For instance, impact and air-cushioned vibrators can be louder than turbine or rotary electric vibrators.

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