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Common Submersible Pump Problems and Solutions

The submersible pump is designed to be fully submerged into applicable fluids. This is a suitable choice for pumping water from wells, boreholes and tanks in residential or commercial property. It is an energy-efficient design compared to alternatives like jet pumps because it pushes water instead of pulling.

In addition, they are underwater therefore they are quiet during operation and you will not need to fill the system with water for prime. However, the submersible pump is still susceptible to operational problems which cause extensive inconveniences. It is important for you to recognise the common issues so that you can resolve the hitch or commission repair from professionals.

Poor Water Delivery

There are different causative issues linked to the production of little or no water when the pump is turned on. The simplest assumption should be that the submersible pump is air locked such that the flow of water is limited. Turn the pump on and off repeatedly and if there is an air lock, the pump will start working again.

If the water delivery was sufficient and has mysteriously declined, the water level in your well or borehole may be too low for the pump. You should limit the pump water output. If this resolves the problem, the well production is low so retain this restriction until the reservoir recovers.

Limited water flow could also mean that the drop pipe is leaking or the water intake screen in the pump is blocked. You should replace the damaged pipe and clean the pump screen respectively. If these causes and solutions do not seem to apply to your pump, the problem could be more serious so it is advisable to hire pump repair experts.

Unstoppable Pump

A defective submersible pump can fail to stop running after your pumping session. This is detrimental because it accelerates the wear of the mechanical components. Check the pressure switch for anomalies such as rusted or immovable switch points. If they are damaged, replace the component with a new one to reinstate normal function.

There are other potential but general issues linked to a submersible pump which will keep it running. These include low water levels, leaking drop pipes and worn-out mechanical components.

Pump Won't Start

The submersible pump requires power supply so if the device will not start, you should examine the electrical system connection. Assess the overload protection box for blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers. You can replace and reset without professional expertise. If you cannot recognise the problem, use resources like to contact a repair service and do not tamper more with the pump.

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